Monday, October 15, 2012

Netflix Launches Today in Sweden

Today we're bringing Netflix to Sweden. I am Erik Barmack, director of content at Netflix, and I’m proud to bring our great product to Scandinavia, where my parents spent one of the best years of their lives and named me Erik (with a k) in the hopes that I’d someday return to this part of the world (though I don’t think they imagined me writing blog posts in Stockholm's Berns Hotel Bar at midnight).

Starting today, people throughout Sweden who love watching movies and TV shows can join almost 30 million of our members from over fifty countries around the world, who enjoy our service over the Internet streaming to Smart TVs, game consoles, computers, tablets, mobile devices and more.

There's a free trial for a month, after that Netflix only costs 79kr per month. From day one, you’ll able to get instant access to full seasons of TV shows such as The Walking Dead, 24, and Sherlock, and great films such as The Expendables, The Matrix, and Happy Feet Two, as well as tons of great Swedish shows and movies. We’ll be adding new content continuously.

Walking around Östermalm over the last couple of months -- as any fashion lover must -- I noticed that many people in Stockholm love their high-tech, stylish gadgets. We love our gadgets too and we’re proud to have Netflix available on over 1,000 devices. Our application allows you to instantly watch movies and TV shows, many in HD with surround sound when your device and broadband connection supports it.

In addition, we have built an amazing system that curates our extensive list of titles to find those uniquely suited to you. Netflix learns from you and gives you a better experience by predicting what you want to watch. Yes, I know – at first, I didn’t believe it either. But trust me, the technology works. I’ve been watching a lot of crime series during our trial period and just yesterday was recommended Bron. (I’m now most of the way through the series, and while I won't give away the ending, I will tell you that someone dies.)

At any rate, consider me a satisfied customer – albeit one who doesn’t sleep enough. Because of our extensive catalog and this smart technology, Netflix will always have a wide range of interesting suggestions waiting for you.

One final point: We’ve built up quite a collection of kid’s titles and have a special section (“Just for Kids”) devoted to safe, age-appropriate content for your little ones under 12 years of age. If your son or daughter likes Babar, or dinosaurs, or cartoons – they should be quite happy with Netflix.

So welcome! We hope you like what we’ve built, and we’re looking forward to your feedback and input. We are on Facebook, Twitter and

If you're outside of Sweden, we will be in the other Nordic countries soon!


Erik Barmack is director of content at Netflix