Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Netflix Meet Denmark; Denmark Meet Netflix

Netflix arrives today in Denmark. I’m Erik Barmack, director of content at Netflix, and we’re on day two of our Scandinavian launch tour.

While developing our service over the last couple of months, I’ve been a frequent visitor to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, and I’ve noticed a few things about its citizens.

First, I’ve learned the hard way that you love to be mobile – mostly on single-gear bikes, on tight, bumpy streets, where my feet sometimes like to land.(I’ve learned to cross the street more carefully.) And like you, we’re fans of easy mobility, having ported our streaming services to iPhones, iPads, and dozens of other mobile devices.

I’ve also recently moved into a mid-century house in California, and, in trying to make my (now empty) home a homier home, I’ve become a huge fan of the Danish furniture designer, Hans Wegner. His style in L.A. is often described as Organic Functionality (Californians take terms like this seriously) – with every curved piece of wood serving a purpose while also looking beautiful. At Netflix, we strive for the same kind of design in our service, with easy personalization and interfaces intended to make your viewing experience more pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing. (I can’t afford a classic Wegner chair – but Netflix is only 79kr a month.)

Finally, I’ve come to love your brilliant filmmakers, producers, and comediennes, and we’ve tried hard to bring them into our service: Klovn, Flammen og Citronen , Lærkevej – your content has become our content.

All of which is to say, we are thrilled to be in Copenhagen today celebrating our launch, and we hope that you’ll join us and try out our service. Now if I can just remember to check the bike lanes before I cross the street...


Erik Barmack is director of content at Netflix